Aviva Method for Calmer Periods

I was lucky to be interviewed at this years PCOS Summit, where I was chatting about the Aviva Method, with the summit’s host, UK based hypnotherapist, Jimi Sayo (www.jimisayo.com).

The Aviva MethodΒ is a danced based movement technique, and exercise sequence that is very effective in regulating your cycle, ease PCOS (polycistic ovary syndrome) symptoms, painful periods, improves fertility and a range of gynecological issues, such as cysts and myomas.

Have a look at the interview and feel free to get in touch, if you’d like to learn it!



Aviva Method

Love and calmer cycles,

Andrea Balazs - PCOS and Fertility Coach

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Andrea is a holistic women's health coach focusing on conception, pregnancy and postnatal nutrition and movement to help you feel balanced and simply in harmony in these important stages of your life.

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