10 things to consider if you want to conceive with PCOS

10 things to look into if you want to conceive with PCOS

Since I live with PCOS, changing my diet made a huge difference in getting pregnant. After 3.5 years of no blessing, what helped me significantly, that in the 2 months before conceiving I completely cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates and ate more wholesome food. Here are 10 things for you to consider if you…

Grain free Apple-Walnut Slice

{Grain-free} Apple-Walnut Slice

I’m not particularly fond of apples in baked goods, but this seemed a simple one to make that I’ve found on a Hungarian site here and contains only whole ingredients. It turned out to be a nice grain free, paleo snack. It is also good if you have PCOS as it won’t raise sugar levels…