I feel so much more relaxed…

I just finalized a three month package with Andrea having weekly sessions in mindfulness, detoxing and healthy lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am contemplating to even continue. I found Andrea to be a very warm, caring and sincere lady with a great sense of humor. I now feel so much more relaxed, manage to have the right balance between working hard and playing hard.

She  got me to take up cooking which I never expected to do, I found that I am now sleeping much better and she has giving me so many tools for many healthy routines which I am incorporating little by little into my daily life.

Andrea showed me how to look objectively at my life on so many levels and see where I could make changes that could really benefit me. Thank you so much Andrea. – Caroline (Dubai)

More about Andrea

Andrea is a holistic women's health coach focusing on conception, pregnancy and postnatal nutrition and movement to help you feel balanced and simply in harmony in these important stages of your life.